Thursday, December 12, 2013

Seven Logic behind why Seniors Want to Work from home

I think so, as a group, seniors are some of the most surveyed folks out on hand. Being in the senior citizen home care business I'm more acutely aware of the most surveys then the normal person and enjoy seeing how the results of those surveys match up to my personal experiences.

More times then not the details do not go at night numbers to the underlying cause and effect or at least the sentiments of those being questioned. In a recent survey it may be reported that over 80% of seniors prefer live out the rest of their days in your current own home and not in one Assisted Living or similar foundation. That's really not breaking news collectively started me thinking as for why the seniors are so motivated to be in their home.

I started doing a bit of research by going for over my notes from potential customer families, care recipients in order to our wonderful care solutions. So I have acquire seven reasons why seniors want to stay in their home. These seven don't have real defined borders once you are able branches or even roots consist of reasons.

  1. Comfort. This reason really bleeds over the others as well as the senior is comfortable within the where they have lived for long periods. The TV is the best distance from their chair and does not have reflections on it, they know the AIR CONDITIONING system and where it needs to be for comfort, they have spent years experiencing the furniture the right size and in the best place. So why should they definitely leave.

  2. Safety. Now initially this might be an underlying cause for going into Assisted Living but most seniors feel safer partnerships. They know the sounds within neighborhood, when neighbors come home and leave and most can browse their house and simple their yard blindfolded. There's an easy 94 year old client who might be almost totally blind and lives by themself but she knows where everything in her house is, the her meds. She has her morning meds under one roof and the bottles are arranged for finding a specific way and date meds are in a free location. She feels safe in environment.

  3. Memories. They have experienced a total fabric of life inside your home. Birthdays, holidays, including arid turkeys, disappointments and fairs, medical issues, retirement, growing older and death. The home has been the foundation of all that goes on and they do not want to walk away.

  4. Independence. From pre-teen years regarding strive to achieve independence and now that the senior has had it for so many prolonged they guard it too vigor they can mobilise. If the car keys were taken off the senior earlier then simply the last vestige of overall flexibility. Note to family: rescinded driving privileges is the biggest fight but the house is second.

  5. Cost. Assisted Living expenses can run as many as $4, 000 plus a month so compromising for one's home is usually a savings. Add to that the danger of a reverse mortgage using their monthly bills can be reduced but stuff like a gardener, pest anyone online can, etc have to appear to be managed.

  6. Network. This term often is the used with younger folks in addition to my 94 year old client requires a network... a social network in neighbors and friends who review her and bring your treats. Many times these social networking is shattered when the senior easily Assisted Living. My mother-in-law who suits us still talks extremelyincredibly neighbors she had a few years ago. Don't discount these general public connections.

  7. Family. Oftentimes the family home 's just that and there are actually extra bedrooms for visiting ancestry. Children of the senior can visit and bring their kids but you have three generations staying connected in the home environment, not just visiting grandma inside Assisted Living facility.

Back in the daytime there were only two options for seniors and that was stay in their home or live with the kids. Now there are so many more choices up to and including resort like living where you eat all your meals can nice restaurant environment. The decision we made was to have my mother-in-law live with us, it just made sense all of us felt better about jointly. But the transition weren't easy, especially for mom. But over the years they have settled in and knows with all of the many steps it arises from her room to washrooms.

It is important to lug family meetings with the senior put onto discuss how it is and if additional home based help will be needed for several of the day. In home care can make everyone convenient if it is decided truth senior will capability to stay in their available.


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